Terms and Conditions

Please be advised by starting service with FLAVORFUL KITCHEN you are subject to all terms & conditions.


By checking out and paying for your subscription you authorize FLAVORFUL KITCHEN to automatically charge your method of payment every week or month depending on the selected plan.


We offer FREE delivery with all of our programs for the time of the subscription and taking notice of our BAG AND COLD PACKS POLICY.


You should not have more than 2 days worth of bags & cold packs in your possession. Service will be suspended until we are able to retrieve the outstanding bags. An additional $5 flat fee will be charged for every delivery attempt made to retrieve the property of FLAVORFUL KITCHEN.

At the end of the program, you agree to return the bags of FLAVORFUL KITCHEN that you have in your possession the following business day. FLAVORFUL KITCHEN will attempt to withdraw the bags the next business day and will be charged $ 5 for each failed attempt to recover our property. On the third failed attempt, an amount of $ 20 will be charged for each bag not returned and FLAVORFUL KITCHEN will no longer attempt to retrieve the respective bags.


If you wish to discontinue your meal plan service, please email info@myflavorfulkitchen.com. Please be advised that you are obligated to complete your service through the end of your current cycle and no refunds will be given. All bags and cold packs must be retrieved on the next business day.

You may also cancel your subscription at the “manage subscriptions” tab located in your account page.


For safety reasons, under no circumstances will FLAVORFUL KITCHEN accept food neither empty food containers returned to our kitchen.


FLAVORFUL KITCHEN cannot accommodate customers with severe or life-threatening food allergies. By signing up for FLAVORFUL KITCHEN, you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that FLAVORFUL KITCHEN is not responsible for any food-related allergic reactions that may occur whether it be mild or severe. We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other common food allergens. We cannot guarantee no cross-contamination. We urge you to use caution when choosing FLAVORFUL KITCHEN. If you have a moderate to severe food allergy, we cannot serve you. Please contact us at info@myflavorfulkitchen.com if you have any questions regarding this warning.


By becoming a customer, or by completing any of our online forms at www.myflavorfulkitchen.com, you agree to be automatically opted in to be contacted by phone, email, mail or by text for a variety of promotional or account related messages by FLAVORFUL KITCHEN and any of FLAVORFUL KITCHEN’ subsidiaries or 3rd party preferred marketing partners. If at any time, you wish not to receive communication(s) from us, you can opt out of our emails by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the footer of our emails. If you wish for us not to contact you by phone, please email info@myflavorfulkitchen.com and ask to be placed on our Do Not Call list. If you wish not to receive future mailings from us, email info@myflavorfulkitchen.com and ask to be placed on our Do Not Mail list. All mobile subscribers may at any time, for any reason, opt out of the mobile marketing campaigns after receiving a text from us by replying STOP


With FLAVORFUL KITCHEN you are allowed to put in hold your actual plan till 21 consecutive days. During that time, no delivery will be attempted to your address, and you will be no charged any additional amount for that reason. You have to notify us at least 24 hours of anticipation and not later of 12:00 pm of the day before of your next delivery by writing at the email address: info@myflavorfulkitchen.com. If no notification is received, we will try to make the delivery and will be subject to all the terms of the cancellation policy, bag and cold packs return policy and food return policy.

With your plan in hold you have two options to manage the remaining days of your plan:

  1. Credit System:With this option, the days your plan is kept in hold will be discounted off your next monthly payment. Available for current plans and for time no longer to 20 business days counting the deliveries you had already received.
  2. Date reschedule:with this option, you simply reactivate your plan at your return, and continue to receive your meal plan until the remaining days of your plan are covered. This option is only available for 21 consecutive days since receiving the hold notification. Any time after that 21 days and it would be considered forfeited and any right over the plan would be dropped, leaving FLAVORFUL KITCHEN free of any refund reclamation of any kind.



With FLAVORFUL KITCHEN you allowed to skip a week of your subscription as long as you request to skip your next week before 11:59pm on the Wednesday before the next starting period. If you have any questions you may email us at info@myflavorfulkitchen.com



Unless otherwise stated COUPONS, DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS are only applicable to weekly plans.